About Us

Why Choose Us ?

Hello!  We are Jed and Kristie Court.  We started our farming careers as a dairy farm shortly after our marriage in 2001.  We started on this dairy farm near Appleton, WI by working for 1 heifer calf a month in exchange for labor with a retiring farmer.  January 2003 we purchased the milking herd and rented the buildings while purchasing the feed from the retiring farmer.  In 2006 we purchased the house, buildings, 10 acres of land, and rented the crop land.  A barn fire in July of 2009 almost ended our farming careers.  Through prayer, hard work, and a lot of help we were able to rebuild into a modern facility with free stalls and a milking parlor.  In 2019 after 2 years of very low milk prices our milking herd was sold and Jed was hired as a maintenance mechanic at the cheese plant our milk was shipped to.  As dairy farmers we worked hard and took pride in selling high quality, nutrient dense milk.  Now that the cows are gone we want to continue that tradition with pasture raised, grass fed beef, chicken, eggs, and homemade canned goods.  We farm because we love feeding people delicious, nutritive food, and interact with the land that brings about regeneration and abundance.  Everything we raise and grow is without the use of GMOs, chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, or artificial hormones.  We invite you to check out what we have to offer.

Family members

Our family helps run the farm